Who We Are

Split Skull Media is a mixed media arts company that offers services and products that lean towards the darker side. We delve in all types of artwork and strive to help promote artists of all caliber. Whether you need a professional voice over for that commercial project or custom t-shirts for special events, businesses or school functions or you just want to get your brand out there, we can help!

When it comes to our own brand, we are very straight forward and hold no punches back - we say it like it is. Sugar coating is not something we believe in. Honesty, working hard, helping each other out, and having a bit of scary fun is what we are all about.

So, open your mind. Explore what we have to offer.
Promote yourself. Check in often because changes happen everyday. Create something spectacular.

You can't open doors with a closed mind.

Split Skull Media Horror & Dark Art Calendar 2022!!

Front Cover
Back Cover
"End The War" 100% Cotton Tee - $19.99
"End The War" 100% Cotton Tee - $19.99