Eric "Vile" Cota

Eric is a professional voice over talent living in South Florida. He records voices for characters, educational media and audio book narration, to name a few. Eric is no stranger to the horrific and paranormal, having been raised on historic land that had been part of a violent, bloody massacre, in Rhode Island. Nightly shrieks and ghastly visitors were a common occurrence, laying the groundwork for his own twisted tales and sinister creations.

 Eric also writes, produces, and performs in an original audio horror series titled:

Sudden Chillers: Audio Exposure,

complete with SFX and dark, foreboding backgrounds. When not summoning the Dark Lords of Audio, Eric enjoys writing horror fiction, practicing martial arts and dabbles in a horror themed home bakery.

"Let's just say, nobody would go into the basement after dark - ever."   -Vile

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